This page was exported from All Braindump2go PDF Dumps and VCE Dumps for Free [ ] Export date:Mon Jan 27 19:59:59 2020 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [2017-Nov.-NEW]Free Braindump2go 400-101 Exam Dumps Free 748Q Download[117-127] --------------------------------------------------- 2017 November New Cisco 400-101 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Free Updated Today! Following are some new 400-101 Questions:1.|2017 New 400-101 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) 748Q&As Download:|2017 New 400-101 Exam Questions & Answers Download: 117Which attribute is not part of the BGP extended community when a PE creates a VPN-IPv4 route while running OSPF between PE-CE?A. OSPF domain identifierB. OSPF route typeC. OSPF router IDD. MEDE. OSPF network typeAnswer: EQUESTION 118Refer to the exhibit. R1 and R2 have been configured as BGP neighbor, but their session is stuck in active. Which action can you take that will enable a session to be established? A. Enable synchronization on R1 and R2.B. Issue the neighbor active conmand on R1.C. Configure as the BGP router ID on R1D. Configure a neighbor relationship with Loopback0 address of R1 on R2.Answer: DQUESTION 119Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements about the device configuration are true? (Choose two.) A. The device has control-plane protection enabled.B. The device implicitly allows Telnet connections.C. The GigabitEthernet0/1 interface of the device allows incoming SSH and SNMP connections.D. The device has management-plane protection enabled.E. The device allows SSH connections to its loopback interface.Answer: CDQUESTION 120How is a targeted LDP session different from a standard LDP session?A. Targeted LDP is used only for neighbors on different segments.B. Targeted LDP requires SDP to be enabled.C. Targeted LDP requires RSVP to be enabled.D. Targeted LDP uses unicast hello messages to peer with other devices.Answer: DQUESTION 121Refer to the exhibit. If the default-information originate always command is configured on R4, what route type is assigned to the default route in R1's route table? A. OB. E2C. O IAD. E1Answer: CQUESTION 122Refer to the exhibit. The spokes of the DMVPN with the given configuration are having QoS issues.Which two actions can you take to resolve the problem? (Choose two.) A. Configure qos pre-classify on the tunnel interface.B. Configure an NHRP group on the tunnel interface and associate it to a QoS policy.C. Modify the configuration of the IPsec policy to accept QoS policies.D. Manually configure a QoS policy on the serial interface.E. Configure the bandwidth statement on the tunnel interface.F. Configure the bandwidth statement on the serial interface.Answer: ABQUESTION 123Which command can you enter to prevent a router from displaying Telnet connection messages on the terminal?A. service telnet-zeroldleB. ip telnet hidden hostnameC. ip telnet hidden addressD. no ip domain-lookupE. ip telnet quietAnswer: EQUESTION 124Which description of Infrastructure as a Service is true?A. a cloud service that delivers on-demand Internet connection between sitesB. a cloud service that delivers on-demand intranet connection between sitesC. a cloud service that delivers on-demand software services on a subscription basisD. a cloud service that delivers on-demand resources like networking and storageAnswer: DQUESTION 125Which two statements about VSS are true? (Choose two.)A. It requires physical switches to be collocated.B. It is dependent on spanning-tree.C. It requires three IP addresses per ULAN.D. Each VSS has a single management IP addressE. It can eliminate the need for HSRP.Answer: DEQUESTION 126For which reason can two OSPF neighbor routers on the same LAN segment be stuck in the two-way state?A. The two routers have different MTUs on the interface.B. The two routers are configured with different priorities.C. The interface priority is set to zero on both routers.D. Both routers have the same OSPF router ID.Answer: CQUESTION 127Which option is an example of SaaS?A. Google AppsB. Amazon AWSC. Google App EngineD. Microsoft AzureAnswer: A!!!RECOMMEND!!!1.|2017 New 400-101 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) 748Q&As Download:|2017 New 400-101 Study Guide Video: YouTube Video: --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2017-11-10 03:40:27 Post date GMT: 2017-11-10 03:40:27 Post modified date: 2017-11-10 03:40:27 Post modified date GMT: 2017-11-10 03:40:27 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from