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A customer has the capacity to register 10 soft consoles simultaneously, and wants to increase that to 15.
Which action is needed to complete this increase?

A.    Add a Preferred license.
B.    Upgrade to Select Mode.
C.    Add five receptionist licenses.
D.    Upgrade to Server Edition.

Answer: C

When implementing a fully integrated multi-site network using only IP500 control units, which license is required to be on all sites?

A.    Advanced Small Community Networking
B.    IP500 IP Office Multi-Site Network
C.    IP500 Voice Networking Channels
D.    Preferred Edition ?Messaging

Answer: D

Which application will allow a system administrator to see historical events and alarms on a trunk in the IP Office?

A.    System Status Application
B.    Historical Reporting Application
C.    Advanced Summary Reporter
D.    Call Detail Reporter

Answer: A

How can you find the IP address of an IP extension?

A.    Use ARP from your PC.
B.    Use the Extension Summary in SSA.
C.    Look on the label on the underside of all IP Phones.
D.    Use Monitor to reset the telephone, and watch it get a new DHCP address.

Answer: B

Which statement is an example of “Top Down Troubleshooting” with an IP Phone that is not working?

A.    Check the IP Phone configuration and confirm that the gateway IP address is present.
B.    Ping the telephone, and if successful, try to call it.
C.    Swap out the telephone patch cord, and if the telephone boots up, call the telephone.
D.    Listen for a dial tone, and if not heard, then check for an indicator light where the telephone is connected.

Answer: D

A customer reports that when they receive a call over analog trunks, it takes 5 seconds to ring on the target.
What is causing this problem?

A.    The system Locale is not configured properly.
B.    The high level is set on Incoming Call Route.
C.    The ring delay on the system telephony settings is not configured.
D.    The IP Office is not receiving the ICLID from PSTN.

Answer: D

Calls into the IP500 are not ringing to the expected user.
Which statement describes how the call routing is validated?

A.    Use Customer Call Status (CCS) to see what user the call is ringing to.
B.    Use the System Status Application (SSA) to see what user the call is ringing to.
C.    Capture a System Monitor trace and escalate to Avaya for an answer.
D.    Wait until the system is idle and place test calls so you can hear which telephone is ringing.

Answer: A
Explanation: productdescription/management/callstatus.htm

Where is the TCP Streaming Tool found?

A.    in SSA
B.    in Monitor
C.    in Manager
D.    in Web Manager

Answer: B


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