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Which of the following is not a metadata feature of the Diamond Model?

A.    Direction
B.    Result
C.    Devices
D.    Resources

Answer: C

Which of the following has been used to evade IDS and IPS devices?

A.    SNMP
B.    HTTP
C.    TNP
D.    Fragmentation

Answer: D

Which of the following can be identified by correlating DNS intelligence and other security events? (Choose two.)

A.    Communication to CnC servers
B.    Configuration issues
C.    Malicious domains based on reputation
D.    Routing problems

Answer: AC

Which of the following is an example of a managed security offering where incident response experts monitor and respond to security alerts in a security operations center (SOC)?

A.    Cisco CloudLock
B.    Cisco’s Active Threat Analytics (ATA)
C.    Cisco Managed Firepower Service
D.    Cisco Jasper

Answer: B

Which of the following is not an example of weaponization?

A.    Connecting to a command and control server
B.    Wrapping software with a RAT
C.    Creating a backdoor in an application
D.    Developing an automated script to inject commands on a USB device

Answer: A

Which of the following are core responsibilities of a national CSIRT and CERT?

A.    Provide solutions for bug bounties
B.    Protect their citizens by providing security vulnerability information, security awareness training, best practices, and other information
C.    Provide vulnerability brokering to vendors within a country
D.    Create regulations around cybersecurity within the country

Answer: B


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