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Which of the following is the number of 7-inch high servers that can be installed in a 42U rack?

A. 4
B. 5
C. 10
D. 12

Answer: C

A server administrator has been given the following information from the network team in order to configure IP addresses on a new server:
Network Address:
The network team also instructed the server administrator to use the LAST usable address on the given network. Which of the following IP address/subnet mask combinations should the server administrator use?


Answer: C

A technician performs monthly backups on a file server to a NAS device that can hold 1TB of data. The size of the monthly backups has been as follows:
Month 1 = 50GB
Month 2 = 65GB
Month 3 = 80GB
Starting with Month 1, based on the current rate of growth, in how many months will the NAS run out of available storage space?

A. 4
B. 5
C. 9
D. 11

Answer: C

A technician is installing a rack mounted server into a rack in a datacenter with CRAC units and blanking panels. Blanking panels are used to:

A. lower the UPS power requirements.
B. limit airflow leakage in the rack.
C. limit the amount of servers that will fit into the rack.
D. color match the server color.

Answer: B

An administrator has been tasked with consolidating six individual servers into one blade enclosure. The administrator completed the task successfully. A week later, all of the blades would not boot properly. Which of the following would MOST likely be causing this issue?

A. The blade servers are faulty.
B. The network module on the blade enclosure is faulty.
C. The backplane of the enclosure is faulty.
D. The management modules in the enclosure are faulty.

Answer: C

An administrator purchases a new server, which contains only one Xeon processor. This server is also known as a:

A. load balancing server.
B. multicore server.
C. redundant server.
D. single-core server.

Answer: B

A technician is concerned about memory data corruption in a server. Which of the following memory types should be considered?

A. Static
C. Dynamic

Answer: D

A server administrator wants to upgrade the memory of the server using two memory modules. The server has two banks of memory with the following slots available: A2, A3, A4, B2, B3, and B4. In which of the following two slots should the administrator install the additional RAM?

A. Slots A2 and A3
B. Slots A2 and B2
C. Slots A2 and B4
D. Slots B2 and B3

Answer: B

A technician is upgrading the memory in a server. The server requires DDR3 Registered DIMMs. The server has four banks of three slots for memory and currently there is one 2GB module in each bank. When the technician attempts to add eight more 4GB modules of DDR3 unbuffered ECC memory, the memory does not fit in the slots. Which of the following is the cause of this issue?

A. In a bank, 2GB and 4GB memory cannot be mixed.
B. The server cannot use ECC memory.
C. The server requires fully buffered memory.
D. The total memory on the server cannot exceed 24GB of RAM.

Answer: C

Which of the following power plug types would MOST likely be found in a medical facility?

A. Tip/Ring/Sleeve
B. Speed lock
C. Tip/Ring
D. Twist lock

Answer: D


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