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An administrator has unsuccessfully attempted several times to install an Operating System inside a virtual machine. The administrator finds that the installation fails at random intervals.
Which two actions can be taken to resolve this issue? (Choose two.)

A.    Verify the md5sum and if invalid, download the installation files again.
B.    Attempt the installation an additional time.
C.    Attempt to use a different installation media or installation method.
D.    Create a new virtual machine and attempt the installation with the existing media.

Answer: AC

Refer to the Exhibit. A storage administrator has reported that full utilization of all bandwidth from an ESXi 6.x host is not being seen. In troubleshooting the issue, the Adapter details are shown in the Exhibit.
Based on the exhibit, what is cause of the issue?

A.    The array is not setup to use the correct multipathing policy.
B.    There are no virtual machines on the ESXi host.
C.    Not all links are used because a path is disabled.
D.    Another path needs to be configured.

Answer: C

Refer to the Exhibit. An administrator has configured network connectivity for a new virtual machine, as shown in the Exhibit.
What will occur with the network traffic of this virtual machine when communicating externally from vSwitch1?

A.    The virtual machine will communicate on both uplinks
B.    The virtual machine will only communicate on vmnic1
C.    The virtual machine will only communicate on vmnic2
D.    The virtual machine will fail to communicate externally

Answer: D

Refer to the Exhibit. An administrator is adding an NFS datastore as shown in the Exhibit.
What is the purpose of the Servers to be added list?

A.    It contains the IP addresses of the NFS Storage Server to provide multipathing capability.
B.    It contains the IP addresses of the ESXi hosts that mount the datastore.
C.    It contains the IP addresses used for Dynamic Discovery of targets.
D.    It contains the IP addresses used for Static Discovery of targets.

Answer: A

Which two actions are prerequisites to adding ESXi 6.x hosts to a vSphere Distributed Switch? (Choose two.)

A.    Verify that there is at least one Distributed Port Group on the Distributed Switch.
B.    Verify that the Distributed Port Group have active uplinks configured in its teaming and failover policy.
C.    Verify that the Distributed Switch has been configured with a Network Profile.
D.    Verify that Network I/O control for Management Traffic is configured for the highest share value.

Answer: AB

Refer to the Exhibit. An administrator has created the resource pool configuration shown in the Exhibit.
Based on the exhibit, which virtual machine(s) can be successfully powered on?

A.    VM-M1 only
B.    VM-K1 only
C.    VM-K1 and VM-K2 only
D.    VM-K1, VM-K2, and VM-M1

Answer: D

You are creating a virtual machine in the Web Client using the New Virtual Machine wizard.
Which two steps are required? (Choose two.)

A.    Select a valid name.
B.    Select a cluster for the compute resource.
C.    Select a network adapter.
D.    Select the virtual machine compatibility.

Answer: AD

An administrator is migrating a virtual machine from a Test cluster to a Production cluster.
The two environments do not have any shared storage.
What is the easiest way to accomplish this task?

A.    Perform a Storage vMotion.
B.    Perform a regular vMotion.
C.    Perform a Virtual to Virtual migration.
D.    Perform a backup and restore using VMware Data Protection.

Answer: B

A vSphere administrator has been using vSphere in evaluation mode and now wants to deploy an environment that provides the same features.
Which edition of vSphere provides similar functionality to evaluation mode?

A.    Enterprise Plus
B.    Enterprise
C.    Standard
D.    Essentials

Answer: A

An administrator creates an ESXi cluster using vSphere Auto Deploy. The ESXi hosts are configured to get a management IP address from a DHCP server. The administrator needs to troubleshoot the management network on one of the hosts. Which DCUI option should the administrator use to renew the DHCP lease?

A.    Restart Management Network
B.    Restore Network Settings
C.    Test Management Network
D.    Configure Management Network

Answer: A


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