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Scenario: A Citrix Administrator configured SNMP to send traps to an external SNMP system. When reviewing the messages, the administrator noticed several entity UP and entity DOWN messages.
To what are these messages related?

A. High availability synchronization
B. Load balancing virtual servers
C. High availability heartbeats
D. Network interface

Answer: B

A Citrix Administrator has deployed a new NetScaler MPX appliance in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) with one interface in the DMZ and the other on the internal network. In which mode should the administrator deploy the NetScaler?

A. One-Arm
B. Two-Arm
C. Forward Proxy
D. Transparent

Answer: C

Scenario: A NetScaler appliance is having intermittent issues. A Citrix Administrator is unable to identify the root cause and fix them. The administrator opened a Support ticket and the engineer assigned to the case requested all the logs and configuration information from the NetScaler.
Which technical support tool can the administrator use to gather all the information on the NetScaler to send to the Support Engineer?

A. Generate Support File
B. Batch Configuration
C. Start New Trace
D. Get Back Trace

Answer: C

Which option is needed to configure the NetScaler Gateway to provide users with multiple logon options after successful authentication, if the users are connected through clientless access?

A. Client choices without using Endpoint Analysis
B. Configuration of Endpoint Analysis
C. Configuration of Quarantine Group
D. Client choices options with mandatory Endpoint Analysis

Answer: B

Users are experiencing resets from the Intranet server website, which is load-balanced through the NetScaler.
Which NetScaler tool can a Citrix Administrator use to troubleshoot the reset issue?

A. Take a packet trace with nstrace and analyze with WireShark.
B. Look in the Event Viewer for packet resets from the NetScaler.
C. View the new nslog from the command-line interface to look for packet resets from the NetScaler.
D. Use the nslog to look for packet resets on the NetScaler.

Answer: A

How can a Citrix Administrator configure session policies for the Authentication, Authorization and Auditing Traffic Management (AAA-TM) sessions if the authentication virtual server is specified in a Unified Gateway setup?

A. The session policies can be defined only for the NetScaler Gateway virtual server.
B. The AAA-TM session policies are bound to the virtual server.
C. The AAA-TM sessions inherit the NetScaler Gateway session policies.
D. The AAA-TM session policies need to be bound as default global

Answer: A

Which two options would provide an end-to-end encryption of data, while allowing the NetScaler to optimize the responses? (Choose two.)

A. HTTP protocol for the virtual server
B. SSL Bridge protocol for the virtual server
C. HTTP protocol for the services
D. SSL protocol for the virtual server
E. SSL protocol for the services
F. SSL Bridge protocol for the services

Answer: BC

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to integrate LDAP for NetScaler system administration using the current Active Directory groups. The administrator created the group on the NetScaler exactly matching the group name in LDAP.
What can the administrator add next to complete the configuration of the LDAP?

A. Users to the group on the NetScaler
B. An AAA action to the group
C. A command policy to the group to specify the permission level
D. A nested group to the new group

Answer: A

To which three bind points can a Citrix Administrator bind a session policy, to enable Clientless access? (Choose three.)

A. Group
B. Service
C. Service Group
D. User
E. Virtual server

Answer: BCD

A Citrix Administrator needs to configure a setup with a single URL so that users can log on once and achieve seamless single sign-on to the NetScaler Gateway virtual server and web application being load balanced on the NetScaler.
Which type of virtual server can the administrator configure to fulfill this requirement?

C. Unified Gateway
D. Load Balancing

Answer: B

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator notices user sessions are disconnecting and reconnecting more often this week than last week, signaling a problem.
The administrator troubleshoots this issue and prepares to resolve it using persistence. However, the following considerations apply in the environment.
– It is a multi-proxy environment behind the NetScaler.
– USIP mode is enabled and applied to the services.
– The session timeout is very short.
– All users connect from the same location.
The administrator can use persistence based on the __________setting to resolve this issue. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A. HTTP Cookies
B. Proximity
C. SSL Session IDs
D. Subnet IP

Answer: D


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