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Which three port type configurations does a Fabric Interconnect port that is set to Fibre Channel mode support? (Choose three.)

A.    Ethernet uplink
B.    Fibre Channel uplink
C.    Fibre Channel storage
D.    server
E.    SPAN source / destination
F.    FCoE
G.    appliance

Answer: BCE

In virtual machine mobility architectures, which technical issue is LISP implemented to resolve?

A.    data center VLAN extension
B.    flooding of unknown unicast traffic across the WAN
C.    multicast limitations in the WAN
D.    suboptimal traffic flow between data centers

Answer: D

Which technology can you implement to improve inbound path optimization to data centers?

A.    OTV
B.    FabricPath
C.    LISP
D.    MPLS VPN over mGRE

Answer: C

Which three statements about Cisco UCS Manager are true? (Choose three.)

A.    supports role-based user access for fine-grained control of user rights
B.    builds a hardware inventory for the Cisco UCS domain
C.    performs configuration of Fabric Interconnects
D.    deploys operating systems to servers
E.    supports multiple Cisco UCS domains
F.    uses a built-in LDAP server to authenticate users
G.    Locales provide users with language translations of the Cisco UCS Manager.
H.    provides basic tools for troubleshooting and managing external storage systems

Answer: ABC

Which two features are provided by Cisco Prime NAM? (Choose two.)

A.    configuration management of Cisco Nexus and Cisco MDS series devices
B.    comprehensive analysis of deployed software versions and recommendations for upgrades
C.    detailed insight into overlay networks and virtual machine deployments
D.    centralized management of hypervisors such as Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESXi
E.    detailed flow- and packet-based traffic analysis for network administrators
F.    basic tools for troubleshooting and managing external storage systems

Answer: CE

Which three options are major reasons to export NetFlow data in v9 format rather than v5? (Choose three.)

A.    IPv6 and MPLS field support
B.    well-known fixed field definitions
C.    fields for Layer 2 NetFlow
D.    Version 9 exports are template-based.
E.    Multicast flows are supported in v9 only.
F.    support for sampled NetFlow
G.    IPv4 and IPv6 flow statistics can be combined in the same export.
H.    NetFlow v9 supports more granular aging timers.

Answer: ACD

Which option is a major advantage of using FabricPath in a data center?

A.    It allows FCoE to run over the fabric.
B.    Servers can be dual-attached to the network in an active/active fashion.
C.    It provides optimized Layer 2 boundaries between segments.
D.    It supports equal-cost multipath forwarding.

Answer: D

Which statement about FCoE is true?

A.    FCoE is not supported on any Nexus 2000 Series Fabric Extenders.
B.    Not a single FCoE VLAN can map to multiple VSANs.
C.    Inter-switch FCoE links can be configured to carry multiple VSANs.
D.    FCoE does not support NPV/NPIV mode.

Answer: C

Which EtherType value is found in FabricPath encapsulated frames?

A.    0x8100
B.    0x8903
C.    0x8914
D.    0x86DD
E.    0x8906

Answer: B

Which two statements about OTV are true? (Choose two.)

A.    OTV join interfaces must be physical interfaces.
B.    OTV supports authentication of hello messages and control plane PDUs.
C.    Multicast support in the transport network is a strict requirement to establish OTV adjacencies.
D.    All OTV overlay interfaces must use the same join interface.
E.    OTV forwards and processes spanning-tree BPDUs between sites to ensure a loop-free topology.
F.    OTV propagates MAC address reachability information via the underlying IS-IS control-plane.

Answer: BF



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