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Which of the following ports is used for HTTPS?

A. 25
B. 80
C. 443
D. 444

Answer: C

A company is experiencing latency problems connecting to the cloud. Which of the following should an administrator check FIRST?

A. Router ARP tables
B. Broadcast traffic
C. Bandwidth utilization
D. Subnetting

Answer: C

Which of the following BEST describes the process of restoring service to a primary datacenter in a controlled manner, following a disaster?

A. Failover
B. Replication
C. Failback
D. Geographical diversity

Answer: C

In a mission critical environment, performing maintenance operations on a host FIRST requires which of the following?

A. Shutting down the host.
B. Migrating all VMs off the host.
C. Shutting down the VMs on the host.
D. Pausing the VMs on the host

Answer: B

Which of the following will use ICMP to successively check hops between the source and destination?

A. traceroute
B. netstat
C. dig
D. route

Answer: A

Which of the following techniques would be used to deliver SLA performance guarantees for a VM in a virtual environment? (Select two.)

A. Licensing
B. Mirroring
C. Resource pooling
D. Memory ballooning
E. Reservations

Answer: AE

Which of the following would be BEST to use to host and manage virtualized database servers?

A. Type I hypervisor
B. Type II hypervisor
D. Fibre Channel SAN

Answer: A

A host with 30 VMs has 64GB of RAM, four quad-core CPUs, four 1-gigabit NICs and is connected to a NAS that provides NFS volumes. The hosted VMs are reporting slow performance. From the information given, which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the slow performance?

A. Insufficient NAS capacity
B. The server is using 110V instead of 220V
C. One hard drive has failed in the RAID 5
D. Insufficient network capacity

Answer: D

A system administrator found that a user repeatedly violates acceptable use policies by consuming more disk space than the user is authorized to consume. Which of the following tools should the administrator use to enforce the acceptable use policy?

A. Quotas
B. Resource pools
C. LUN masking
D. Reservations

Answer: A

Which of the following virtual network components allows a virtual NIC to connect to local area resources?

A. Virtual router
B. Virtual switch
C. Virtual network
D. Virtual gateway

Answer: B

An administrator needs to test the latency between two servers. Which of the following commands should be used?

A. route
B. arp
C. ping
D. nslookup/dig

Answer: C


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