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Which of the following skills is MOST needed by the cloud vendor to communicate with the subscriber?

A. Project management
B. Customer service
C. Industry best practices
D. Visualization

Answer: B

A company is implementing a system replacement which has application components that are internally hosted and multiple application components that are hosted as software as a service by different cloud providers. Which of the following represents the challenge of this architecture?

A. Complexity
B. Time to market
C. Cost saving
D. Elasticity

Answer: A

Which of the following would be a method to ensure ongoing benefits of a cloud agreement?

A. Confirm a continual assurance framework is in place to measure the cloud provider’s performance in line with organizational objectives.
B. Have independent security testing performed against the cloud provider to ensure that the business’s customer data is safe.
C. Ask the cloud provider to lower the cost before each contractual renewal so that the business is obtaining value for money.
D. Have independent stress and volume testing performed against the cloud provider to measure the availability SLA.

Answer: A

Which of the following is a benefit of implementing cloud computing via the ITIL guideline?

A. Increased costs
B. Larger knowledge base
C. Increased free hard drive space
D. Improved service level

Answer: D

A new Chief Information Officer (CIO) has been hired to develop competitive advantage strategies for the company, which is falling behind the competition. The CIO is looking at cloud computing to give the company a competitive edge. Which of the following is the CIO MOST interested in?

A. Increasing the company carbon footprint
B. Upgrading the company datacenter
C. Implementing new IT strategies
D. Increasing the MTTR after an incident

Answer: C

A provider supplies storage, processing, memory, and network bandwidth to multiple tenants, using physical and virtual resources. This is an example of which of the following cloud characteristics?

A. On-demand self-service
B. Measured service
C. Resource pooling
D. Rapid elasticity

Answer: C

Which of the following characteristics would allow a company to market its product to the public by using cloud computing services?

A. Desktop virtualization throughout the company
B. Client-server application modules
C. Web-based application modules
D. Client-based training modules

Answer: C

Which of the following is the BEST example of a cloud vendor’s monthly hosting fee changing based on cost allocations?

A. The company’s fee varies based on the projected quarterly revenue of the client’s company.
B. The company’s fee varies based on the number of their IT staff required to support the infrastructure.
C. The company’s fee varies based on the number of servers needed to house data in the datacenter.
D. The company’s fee varies based on the energy consumption of each server in the datacenter.

Answer: C

A company has decided to implement a third-party hosted service so that they have access to as
many virtual instances as needed, for exclusive use. Which of the following types of services would this represent?

B. Public cloud
C. Private cloud

Answer: C

Which of the following is a service level management tool aimed at quantifying a cloud offerings’ performance?

A. Mean Time to Recovery
B. Risk Assessment
C. Business Impact Analysis
D. Request for Proposal

Answer: A

Which of the following services represents an environment where the computing architecture is providing a hosted service to a limited group inside a corporate firewall?

A. Public Cloud
C. Private Cloud

Answer: C


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