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All of the following are important design decisions when deploying SaaS EXCEPT:

A. How existing company data is integrated in or migrated to the application.
B. How the application will be integrated with other applications.
C. The number of users that will access the application simultaneously
D. Where or by whom will digital identities be issued for logging on to the application.

Answer: C

Which of the following application types is suitable for a cloud computing pilot?

A. Desktop productivity applications
B. Marginal applications
C. Mission-critical applications
D. Legacy applications

Answer: A

A military facility is NOT able to fully embrace cloud computing because of which of the following?

A. High degree of confidentiality and operational assurance
B. The associates cost and infrastructure needs
C. Constantly changing and unpredictable workloads
D. Constantly changing data and accessibility needs

Answer: A

All of the following are availability risks that are introduced by cloud computing EXCEPT:

A. Dependence on an external provider.
B. Dependence on internal IT
C. Increase in users who can change data.
D. Network connectivity

Answer: C

How does scalability work with cloud computing?

A. Servers and storage can be added quickly.
B. Servers and storage can be released quickly.
C. Users can be added and removed quickly.
D. All of the above is correct.

Answer: D

Which of the following risks occurs when a cloud provider stops serving the company?

A. Continuity risk
B. Financial risk
C. Legal risk
D. Confidentiality risk

Answer: A

Which of the following is a relevant component of the cloud ecosystem?

A. Hypervisors
B. Image factory
C. Security procedures
D. Trained IT staff

Answer: B

Which of the following business benefits do cloud computing and IT outsourcing have in common?

A. Clarity and budgeting ease of upfront costs
B. Improvement of employee skills sets
C. Reduction of capital expenditures
D. Flexible contracts

Answer: C

Which IT process is likely to take more effort with cloud computing?

A. Hardware maintenance
B. Installing operating system patches
C. Performance monitoring
D. Server maintenance

Answer: C

Why does cloud computing shift capital cost to variable cost?

A. Cloud computing is more cost-efficient
B. IT assets are not owned by the customer
C. Servers are better utilized
D. Staff is no longer hired by the customer

Answer: B

Which of the following is the risk when an IT department restricts itself to solely being an infrastructure provider?

A. Business users will bypass the IT department
B. Cloud providers will take over the role of the IT department
C. Service providers will bypass the IT department
D. All of the above are correct

Answer: A


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