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An organization is replacing its core insurance platform. The solution is made up of internally hosted insurance systems and applications hosted in the cloud. Which of the following activities is part of service transition?

A. Ensure that as part of the change management process the events are sequenced to include the cloud provider and that they have resources available.
B. Ensure that monitoring controls are implemented by the cloud provider to ensures that the system is highly available and that performance can be measured.
C. Ensure that the SLA’s for availability have been well documented and agreed to as part of the contract arrangement between the two companies.
D. Ensure that the capacity and storage is available to meet the current and future demands of the solution of the cloud provider’s infrastructure.

Answer: A

Which of the following early examples of cloud computing was used for software engineering purposes in the form of web-based applications and required interoperability between different systems?

A. Distributed Computing
B. Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
C. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
D. Desktop Virtualization

Answer: B

Users report that they are unable to access a virtual server. Which of the following commands would allow the network administrator to verify the current network settings within the virtual server?

A. nbtstat
B. tftp
C. telnet
D. arp
E. ping
F. ipconfig

Answer: F

A network administrator needs to manage a virtual switch remotely in a secure manner. Which of the following tools would MOST likely be used?

D. Telnet

Answer: C

A specific cloud deployment has been established specifically for financial services companies to consume. Which of the following BEST describes this type of cloud environment?

A. Private cloud
B. Community cloud
C. Hybrid cloud
D. Public cloud

Answer: B

Which of the following aspects of public cloud computing would a company MOST likely need to consider to ensure information security?

A. Data integrity
B. Server type
C. Firewall specifications
D. Network hardware

Answer: A

Which of the following factors of service must be managed effectively by a SaaS provider in a cloud computing environment?

A. Application access levels
B. Client background checks
C. Availability
D. User acceptance

Answer: C

A private cloud generally has which of the following characteristics?

A. Services are restricted to members of the same organization
B. Infrastructure is managed by an independent service provider
C. Services are managed by a third-party provider
D. Services are accessed by members outside of the organization

Answer: A

Which of the following is the MOST significant difference between SaaS and IaaS?

A. IaaS can test network configurations.
B. SaaS is accessible anywhere.
C. SaaS is used for only public clouds.
D. IaaS can be secured and encrypted.

Answer: A

An organization subscribes to a public cloud. For which of the following does the subscriber NOT depend on the vendor?

A. Internet bandwidth and packet latency
B. Service Level Agreement
C. Data backups
D. Infrastructure availability

Answer: A

How does using cloud computing help to enhance business value?

A. By using cloud computing, businesses are able to realize lower asset utilization for personnel.
B. By paying for actual usage, cloud computing allows businesses to convert fixed costs into variable costs.
C. By using cloud computing, businesses are able to lower server utilization.
D. By paying for actual usage, cloud computing allows businesses to convert variable costs into fixed costs.

Answer: B


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