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What can you do to see the current number of kernel instances in a system with CoreXL enabled?

A. Browse to Secure Platform Web GUI
B. Only Check Point support personnel can access that information
C. Execute SmarDashboard client
D. Execute command cpconfig

Answer: D

When Dynamic Dispatcher is enabled, connections are assigned dynamically with the exception of

A. Threat Emulation
D. VolP

Answer: D

Why would you not see a CoreXL configuration option in cpconfig?

A. The gateway only has one processor
B. CoreXL is not licenses
C. CoreXL is disabled via policy
D. CoreXL is not enabled in the gateway object

Answer: A

In SPLAT the command to set the timeout was idle. In order to achieve this and increase the timeout for Gaia, what command do you use?

A. set
idle <value>
B. set
inactivity­timeout <value>
C. set
timeout <value>
D. set
inactivity <value>

Answer: B

What makes Anti-Bot unique compared to other Threat Prevention mechanisms, such as URL Filtering, Anti-Virus, IPS, and Threat Emulation?

A. Anti-Bot is the only countermeasure against unknown malware
B. Anti-Bot is the only protection mechanism which starts a counter-attack against known Command & Control Centers
C. Anti-Bot is the only signature-based method of malware protection
D. Anti-Bot is a post-infection malware protection to prevent a host from establishing a connection to a Command & Control Center

Answer: D

SmartEvent does NOT use which of the following procedures to identify events?

A. Matching a log against each event definition
B. Create an event candidate
C. Matching a log against local exclusions
D. Matching a log against global exclusions

Answer: C

In Gaia, if one is unsure about a possible command, what command lists all possible commands.

A. show all |grep commands
B. show configuration
C. show commands
D. get all commands

Answer: C

In which case is a Sticky Decision Function relevant?

A. Load Sharing – Multicast
B. Load Balancing – Forward
C. High Availability
D. Load Sharing – Unicast

Answer: C

The Security Gateway is installed on GAiA R80. The default port for the Web User Interface is _______.

A. TCP 18211
B. TCP 257
C. TCP 4433
D. TCP 443

Answer: D

When doing a Stand-Alone Installation, you would install the Security Management Server with which other Check Point architecture component?

A. None, Security Management Server would be installed by itself
B. SmartConsole
C. SecureClient
D. SmartEvent

Answer: D

Fill in the blank: The tool ___________ generates a R80 Security Gateway configuration report.

A. infoCP
B. infoview
C. cpinfo
D. fw cpinfo

Answer: C


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