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Which feature does Acceptable Use Controls use to implement Cisco AVC?

B. Cisco Web Usage Controls
C. Cisco WSA
D. Cisco ESA

Answer: B

You have configured a VLAN pair that is connected to a switch that is unable to pass traffic. If the IPS is configured correctly, which additional configuration must you perform to enable the switch to pass traffic?

A. Configure access ports on the switch.
B. Configure the trunk port on the switch.
C. Enable IP routing on the switch.
D. Enable ARP inspection on the switch.

Answer: A

You ran the ssh generate-key command on the Cisco IPS and now administrators are unable to connect. Which action can be taken to correct the problem?

A. Replace the old key with a new key on the client.
B. Run the ssh host-key command.
C. Add the administrator IP addresses to the trusted TLS host list on the IPS.
D. Run the ssh authorized-keys command.

Answer: A

Which piece of information is required to perform a policy trace for the Cisco WSA?

A. the URL to trace
B. the source IP address of the trace
C. authentication credentials to make the request
D. the destination IP address of the trace

Answer: A

What is a valid search parameter for the Cisco ESA find event tool?

A. Envelope Origination
B. Envelope Type
C. Message ID
D. Download Type

Answer: C

Which website can be used to validate group information about connections that flow through Cisco CWS?


Answer: B

What are three arguments that can be used with the show content-scan command in Cisco IOS software? (Choose three)

A. session
B. data
C. verbose
D. buffer
E. summary
F. statistics

Answer: AEF

In addition to the CLI, what is another option to manage a Cisco IPS?

B. Cisco SDM
C. Cisco IDM
D. Cisco ISE

Answer: C

What is the function of the Web Proxy Auto-Discovery protocol?

A. It enables a web client to discover the URL of a configuration file.
B. It enables a web client to download a script or configuration file that is named by a URL.
C. It enables a web client’s traffic flows to be redirected in real time.
D. It enables web clients to dynamically resolve hostname records.

Answer: A

What is a difference between a Cisco Content Security Management virtual appliance and a physical appliance?

A. The virtual appliance requires an additional license to run on a host.
B. The physical appliance requires an additional license to activate its adapters.
C. Migration between virtual appliances of varying sizes is possible, but physical appliances must be of equal size.
D. The physical appliance is configured with a DHCP-enabled management port to receive an IP address automatically, but you must assign the virtual appliance an IP address manually in your management subnet.

Answer: A

Which Cisco Web Security Appliance feature enables the appliance to block suspicious traffic on all of its ports and IP addresses?

A. Layer 4 Traffic Monitor
B. Secure Web Proxy
C. explicit forward mode
D. transparent mode

Answer: A


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