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During a data breach cleanup, it is discovered that not all of the sites involved have the necessary data wiping tools. The necessary tools are quickly distributed to the required technicians, but when should this problem best be revisited?

A. Reporting
B. Preparation
C. Mitigation
D. Lessons learned

Answer: D

During a third-party audit, it is determined that a member of the firewall team can request, approve, and implement a new rule-set on the firewall. Which of the following will the audit team most l likely recommend during the audit out brief?

A. Discretionary access control for the firewall team
B. Separation of duties policy for the firewall team
C. Least privilege for the firewall team
D. Mandatory access control for the firewall team

Answer: B

Which of the following is the appropriate network structure used to protect servers and services that must be provided to external clients without completely eliminating access for internal users?

D. Subnet

Answer: C

An administrator has configured a new Linux server with the FTP service. Upon verifying that the service was configured correctly, the administrator has several users test the FTP service. Users report that they are able to connect to the FTP service and download their personal files, however, they cannot transfer new files to the server. Which of the following will most likely fix the uploading issue for the users?

A. Create an ACL to allow the FTP service write access to user directories
B. Set the Boolean selinux value to allow FTP home directory uploads
C. Reconfigure the ftp daemon to operate without utilizing the PSAV mode
D. Configure the FTP daemon to utilize PAM authentication pass through user permissions

Answer: A

An administrator thinks the UNIX systems may be compromised, but a review of system log files provides no useful information. After discussing the situation with the security team, the administrator suspects that the attacker may be altering the log files and removing evidence of intrusion activity. Which of the following actions will help detect attacker attempts to further alter log files?

A. Enable verbose system logging
B. Change the permissions on the user’s home directory
C. Implement remote syslog
D. Set the bash_history log file to “read only”

Answer: C

A global gaming console manufacturer is launching a new gaming platform to its customers. Which of the following controls reduces the risk created by malicious gaming customers attempting to circumvent control by way of modifying consoles?

A. Firmware version control
B. Manual software upgrades
C. Vulnerability scanning
D. Automatic updates
E. Network segmentation
F. Application firewalls

Answer: AD

An audit has revealed that database administrators are also responsible for auditing database changes and backup logs. Which of the following access control methodologies would BEST mitigate this concern?

A. Time of day restrictions
B. Principle of least privilege
C. Role-based access control
D. Separation of duties

Answer: D

Ann, a security administrator, has been instructed to perform fuzz-based testing on the company’s applications. Which of the following best describes what she will do?

A. Enter random or invalid data into the application in an attempt to cause it to fault
B. Work with the developers to eliminate horizontal privilege escalation opportunities
C. Test the applications for the existence of built-in- back doors left by the developers
D. Hash the application to verify it won’t cause a false positive on the HIPS.

Answer: A

An organization requires users to provide their fingerprints to access an application.
To improve security, the application developers intend to implement multifactor authentication.
Which of the following should be implemented?

A. Use a camera for facial recognition
B. Have users sign their name naturally
C. Require a palm geometry scan
D. Implement iris recognition

Answer: B

A network technician is setting up a segmented network that will utilize a separate ISP to provide wireless access to the public area for a company. Which of the following wireless security methods should the technician implement to provide basic accountability for access to the public network?

A. Pre-shared key
B. Enterprise
C. Wi-Fi Protected setup
D. Captive portal

Answer: D

After a routine audit, a company discovers that engineering documents have been leaving the network on a particular port. The company must allow outbound traffic on this port, as it has a legitimate business use. Blocking the port would cause an outage. Which of the following technology controls should the company implement?

B. Web proxy
C. DLP u

Answer: C


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