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Refer to the exhibit. An expansion project added an E-Tap and Device Level Ring to interface FastEthernet1/1 of L2SW1. The administrator has looked at the logs of L2SW1 and found that FastEthernet1/1 was in an error-disabled state.Using command line access on L2SW1, the administrator issued the following commands in configuration mode:
L2SW1(config)# interface FastEthernet 1/1
L2SW1(config-if)# shutdown
L2SW1(config-if)# no shutdown
The administrator checked the logs of L2SW1 and found the following:
Mar 30 02:23:17.588: %PM-4-ERR_DISABLE: bpduguard error detected on Fa1/1, putting Fa1/1 in err-disable state
The administrator checked the software configuration of the switch port and found the following:
interface FastEthernet1/1
switchport access vlan 310
switchport mode access
speed 100
duplex full
no mdix auto
spanning-tree portfast
spanning-tree bpduguard enable
Why has the port gone error-disabled?

A.    interface FastEthernet1/1 is configured as an access port on the wrong VLAN.
B.    There is a duplex mismatch between interface FastEthernet1/1 and the E-Tap.
C.    The E-Tap is not configured as a ring supervisor causing a loop on interface FastEthernet1/1.
D.    The E-Tap is configured at 10Mbps and the switch port is configured at 100Mbps.
E.    Automatic MDI Crossover detection is disabled.

Answer: C

Which in-depth approach is used when deploying defense in an industrial zone?

A.    Besides using a dedicated firewall / DMZ construction use an IOS based firewall on the WAN router connecting the industrial site to the Internet.
B.    Use NTP to make sure that time stamps of log messages are synchronized such that you can do root cause analysis.
C.    Deploy an IDS solution with knowledge about industrial protocols in the industrial zone in combination with a firewall.
D.    Use multiple firewalls from different vendors in such a way that network traffic will have to traverse both firewalls so that security holes of one firewall is caught by the other firewall.

Answer: C

Which statement is correct regarding Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) in a ring of ProfiNET devices?

A.    When a link fault is detected, MRP rings must converge in less than 100 milliseconds
B.    MRP defines two device roles, Media Redundancy Master and Media Redundancy Client
C.    MRP can support rings of up to 250 devices
D.    MRP is only supported on network switches

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. What issue does this topology present for the represented traffic flow?

A.    Standard Produce/Consume traffic is not suitable for an 802.11 wireless environment.
B.    Only one of the Work Group Bridges can transmit at a time, because 802.11 is half duplex.
C.    The Converged Plant-wide Ethernet best practices for 802.11 wireless don’t allow for PAC to PAC traffic.
D.    I/O control traffic should utilize the 2.4 GHz band based on best practices.

Answer: B

A ProfiNET management system operator is unable to add a ProfiNET Conformance Class B device to a SIMATIC management station. The device is connected to interface FastEthernet1/3. Based on the provided CLI output, which statement is correct?
switch#show profinet lldp
Fa1/1 port-003-00000 On
Fa1/2 port-004-00000 On
Fa1/3 port-005-00000 Off
Fa1/4 port-006-00000 Off
Fa1/5 port-007-00000 On
Fa1/6 port-008-00000 Off
Fa1/7 port-009-00000 On
Fa1/8 port-010-00000 Off

A.    LLDP has been disabled on this switch
B.    The connected device is not sending LLDP packets with ProfiNET extensions
C.    The port label needs to be changed on interface FastEthernet 1/3 to “port-003-00000”
D.    ProfiNET is disabled on this switch

Answer: B

A cookie cutter machine requires 2 standard controllers and a safety controller. All of these controllers and machine level I/O have been placed on VLAN 104. The safety controller must monitor an emergency stop connected to an I/O adapter on an adjacent machine (VLAN 105). Which packet type will be used?

A.    UDP Multicast TTL = 1
B.    UDP Multicast TTL = 2
C.    UDP Unicast
D.    TCP Unicast

Answer: C

Profinet has been disabled on a Cisco Industrial Ethernet switch, which CLI commands correctly enable ProfiNET on VLAN 10?

A.    switch(config)#profinet
switch(config)#profinet vlan 10
B.    switch#enable profinet
switch(config)#profinet vlan 10
C.    switch(config)#profinet
switch(config)#vlan 10
D.    switch#enable profinet
switch(config)#vlan 10

Answer: A

After commissioning several Stratix 5700 switches in a ring topology, you want to verify the installation against the network logical design. Specifically, you want to verify where the IGMP querier resides. What command can be issued in CLI to display the IP of the querier per VLAN?

A.    switch# show ip igmp snooping querier
B.    switch# show igmp snooping querier
C.    switch# show igmp querier
D.    switch# show ip igmp querier

Answer: A
Which in-depth approach is used when deploying defense in an industrial zone?

A.    Use PLCs and control systems from multiple vendors in such a way that the process will become resilient for failures of one vendor.
B.    Deploy two factor authentications for all operators which need to login remote while working from home.
C.    Collect log files at a central location for easy back-up and encryption to provide privacy.
D.    Create multiple zones in the industrial zone and protect / inspect traffic between the zones with firewalls and intrusion monitors.

Answer: D

How are I/O timeout and Safety I/O timeout calculated?

A.    An I/O connection will timeout based on the lower of 4x RPI or 100ms.
Safety I/O timeout is calculated as 4xRPI.
B.    An I/O connection will timeout based on the lower of 3x RPI or 100ms.
Safety I/O timeout is calculated as 3xRPI.
C.    An I/O connection will timeout based on the lower of 4x RPI or 150ms.
Safety I/O timeout is calculated as 2xRPI.
D.    An I/O connection will timeout based on the lower of 3x RPI or 150ms.
Safety I/O timeout is calculated as 3xRPI.

Answer: A



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