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What is the minimum MTU size recommended by VMware for the physical network when deploying NSX for vSphere?

A.    1550
B.    1600
C.    2148
D.    9000

Answer: B

A company wants to deploy VMware NSX for vSphere with no PIM and no IGMP configured in the underlying physical network. This company also must ensure that non- ESXi hosts do not receive broadcast, unknown unicast or multicast (BUM) traffic.
Which replication mode should the logical switches be deployed with?

A.    Unicast Replication Mode
B.    Multicast Replication Mode
C.    Hybrid Replication Mode
D.    Transport Zone Mode

Answer: A

Your data center clusters are configured as shown in the exhibit:
Core0 uses Virtual SAN and hosts virtual machines running the following components:
– vCenter Server
– Single Sign-On Server
– Update Manager
– SQL Server database
Core1, Core2, and Core3 use a single Fibre Channel attached storage array. Core1 hosts over 500 virtual machines. Core2 hosts over 400 virtual machines. Core3 hosts 100 virtual machines.
Following VMware’s best practices, NSX Controller components should be deployed to which location(s)?

A.    Deploy three NSX Controllers, one on each host of Core0.
B.    Deploy four NSX controllers, one on each cluster in the data center.
C.    Deploy 27 NSX controllers, one for each host in the data center.
D.    Deploy three NSX controllers. Deploy one in Core1, one in Core2, and one in Core3.

Answer: A

Your data center is made up of two VMware vCenter Server instances.
Each vCenter Server manages three clusters with 16 hosts per cluster.
In preparing for your VMware NSX deployment, how many vShield Endpoint instances will you have?

A.    2
B.    6
C.    48
D.    96

Answer: D

After deploying NSX, an administrator does not see the Networking & Security tab when connecting to the vCenter Server using the vSphere Web Client.
What should the administrator do?

A.    Register the NSX Manager with the vCenter Server.
B.    Register the NSX Manager with the Inventory Service.
C.    The NSX Controllers must be deployed before NSX Manager is available.
D.    The NSX Manager must be configured to use Single Sign-On before it will be available.

Answer: A

A company hosts an internal website on multiple virtual machines attached to a Logical Switch with VNI 7321. A Distributed Router serves as the virtual machines’ default gateway.
When an user resolves the URL for the website, the internal DNS server responds with the IP address of one of the virtual machine’s IP addresses in a round robin fashion. This approach results in some virtual machines having a much higher number of user sessions than others.
The company wants to deploy a NSX Edge Service Load Balancer to improve on this situation. Which distribution method can be configured on the NSX Edge Load Balancer to meet the company’s needs?

D.    URI

Answer: A

Which two statements are true regarding Layer 2 VPNs? (Choose two.)

A.    Layer 2 VPNs are used to securely extend Ethernet segments over an untrusted medium.
B.    The NSX Edge Service Gateway can form a Layer 2 VPN with a standards-compliant physical appliance.
C.    The Distributed Router can form a Layer 2 VPN to another Distributed Router or NSX Edge Service Gateway.
D.    Layer 2 VPNs require the two VPN endpoints be in the same Layer 2 segment.

Answer: AB

A vSphere administrator wants to setup an NSX Edge Service Gateway to provide traveling employees secure access to company servers located in specific network segments within the corporate Data Center.
The remote access solution must provide a method to authenticate the users.
Which two methods can be used with the NSX Edge Service Gateway? (Choose two.)

C.    RSA Secure ID
D.    Active Directory

Answer: CD

A company has augmented its Data Center infrastructure by using vCloud Hybrid Service during peak hours. The company wants to extend their existing subnets into the cloud while workloads retain their existing IP addresses. The virtual machines in these subnets use an NSX Edge Gateway as their default gateway.
Which solution should this company use?

A.    Layer 2 VPN
C.    IPSec VPN

Answer: A

A vSphere administrator wants to setup an NSX Edge Service Gateway to provide traveling employees secure access to company servers located in specific network segments within the corporate Data Centers. The solution has to be as scalable as possible.
Which Virtual Private Network solution will satisfy the administrator’s requirements?

C.    Layer 2 VPN
D.    IPSec VPN

Answer: A

Which statement is true regarding an NSX Edge gateway device configured with a DNS Server?

A.    The NSX Edge will forward all DNS requests from virtual machines sent to it to the DNS Server.
B.    The NSX Edge configuration will override the DNS Server configured by the NSX Manager.
C.    The NSX Edge registers the DNS Server with the NSX Controller.
D.    The NSX Edge periodically synchronizes its DNS tables with the primary DNS Server.

Answer: A


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